Way forward Centre

Contributed R156 000

In December we visited Way Forward Centre, a vibrant and unique non-profit organisation situated in Vosloorus which actively involves orphans, vulnerable children and youth in poverty prevention.

Their programme is targeted at young people by providing them with a platform to develop and address issues in order to become successful in life.

Grand Gaming donated R156 000 towards changing the lives of our youth.

Mduduzi Memorial Hospice

Contributed R250 000

Mduduzi Memorial Hospice is a community-based organization that deals with HIV/AIDS program in the community of Vosloorus and surrounding arrears. The organization was established in 2004 by a group of parents comprised of community leaders and professionals who obliged to play a meaningful role in the plight of HIV/AIDS orphaned and vulnerable children.

Mduduzi Memorial Organization strives to ensure high standards in the services we provide, to effectively alleviate the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty by providing education, information, counselling on prevention treatment, providing care and support to people infected and affected by the pandemic. To provide first-class Training Skills, Economic Development facilities and services to the community especially the formerly disadvantaged marginalized people in our community such as women, children and physically challenged people.

Mduduzi Memorial Hospice mission is to:

  • Provide care and support to the infected and affected.
  • Provide childhood learning and development programs for OVC (Orphan & Vulnerable Children).
  • Provide psycho-social support programs for OVC.
  • Provide high poverty alleviation programs.
  • Provide income-generating projects and skills development facilities.
  • Ensure the implementation of training programs.

Grand Gaming Gauteng donated R250 000 towards assisting Mduduzi Memorial to achieve their mission.


10th Commandments Community Centre

Contributed R247 986

10th Commandments Community Centre believes that everyone deserves a second chance;” they are our children they all need to be loved and cared for”.

They help the youth to quit drugs, educate them on why drugs are very dangerous to both young and old through counselling, doing physical exercises and giving out medication.

Our Goals

Their main goal is to see all the addicted boys and girls get the help and support in order to beat this dangerous drug. Most of them are intelligent and willing to start building their futures, some even want to go back to school.

The boys and girls are provided with shelter, they are cooked for and supported to change the way they used to live. It’s really sad because some of them are rejected by their families because they used to steal from them. After getting the treatment at 10th CCCC going back home will not be a problem because a Nyaope user will get a certificate confirming that he is no longer smoking or injecting Nyaope. ”We strive to fully rehabilitate the addicts and integrate them back into society.“

We donated R247,986.00 to help them improve the facilities.

New Beginningz

Contributed R152 707

New BeginningZ has been in operation since 2001, with the main focus being Children living and working on the streets.

In 2003, due to HIV/Aids Pandemic, they included Child Headed Households to their focus group and in 2004 included yet another vulnerable group - abandoned babies and toddlers.

New BeginningZ caters for children between the ages of newborn’s up to 18 years. It is of paramount importance to them to render services and programs that are in the best interest of every individual child that they deal with.

Just as soon as you think you've seen the worst of cases, you come across yet another one. Abusers don't discriminate against colour, creed or age. Child Abuse is rife in our country and unfortunately not nearly enough is being done to protect the future of our country, the children. The government is shirking their responsibility when it comes to providing for destitute families, therefore, making it increasingly difficult for the poorest of the poor to survive. New BeginningZ was grateful to have received R152,707.33 to assist in the development of the little angels.

Kitso Lesedi Youth Development

Contributed R200 000

Kitso Lesedi Youth Development understands that poverty is more than about an income, as it also strongly involves deprivation of resources, opportunities and choices. Therefore the purposes of the programs within the Development Centre are to capacitate the poor and the most vulnerable with both hard and soft skills, moving them from a state of being poor to self-reliance.

Founded in 2008 by Thapelo Alpheus Modise with the aim of up-skilling the youth of South Africa.

Their capacity building programs have been very successful in that over 700+- of young people underwent Life’s skills, business, ICT AND Artisan trainings.

We at Grand Gaming Gauteng donated R200 000 to assist with the renovations of the center.


Vita Nova Centre

Contributed R40 000

We cater for persons with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and the Physically and Mentally challenged. Some of our children are blind, deaf or have HIV/AIDS. At the moment we have 108 residents at the centre ranging from the age of 1 year and older, the oldest being 71 years old. They arrive at the centre with nothing and we provide them with toiletries, nappies, bedding and clothing. We give all our children lots of love and care, something they so desperately need and deserve!

The majority of our younger children are either abandoned or come from disadvantaged areas. All our residents are uneducable and will never be able to go out and earn a living for themselves. They will forever need care, love and assistance.

Vita Nova means “New Life”. To the more unfortunate, Vita Nova will be the only home they will ever know, and we strive to make it as homely and as happy as possible.

Westview Clinic

Contributed R130 000

Westview Clinic started out in 1970 in a caravan in Horizon, Roodepoort, handing out information pamphlets to the publics and offering out-patient care. Increasing demand for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in general and for in-patient facilities in particular necessitated the move and the best available building was a converted police station in the Roodepoort CBD. The Clinic then became known as Sanca West Rand Clinic.

While the converted police station in the Roodepoort CBD provided adequate space, the environment did not do justice to the services delivered and they began to put plans in place for owning their own facility in a more attractive location that would help patients feel more upbeat.

Many addicts lose their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Restoring an addicts’ dignity is, therefore an essential part of their treatment. Which is why, Westview Clinic believes in keeping their equipment, accommodation and other facilities as attractive, comfortable and welcoming as possible.

United Cerebral Palsy Association

Contributed R45 000

The primary goals include providing their clients with quality nursing care and stimulation in the form of creative occupational therapy. Aqua Hydro Therapy, Speech therapy, Physiotherapy and Stimulating visits and outings to events and places of interest. They have a year round programmed of planned activities for each day based on various ‘Themes’ with active exploration being ‘key’ to the various projects. Of great significance this year has been the importance of self feeding, floor play, hand function, stimulation of fine and gross motor skills, they also introduced greater communication between clients and schools who have played a great role in interrelations with music, storytelling, puppet shows and spiritual dance.

Peas in a pod Urbanvest Foundation

Contributed R138 000

Dr. Annali Swanepoel identified the need for a girls-only house in her work as a volunteer counselor at the SAPS in Olievenhoutbosch. Since inception the house has been the home of over 50 girls ranging in ages from 2 to 17 years of age.

The house can accommodate 15 girls who are taken care of by 3 housemothers.

The care of the housemothers is complimented with the counseling by Prof Vollie Spies, the social worker of Urbanvest Foundation,"Peas in a pod". The therapy the girls receive here is focused on the rehabilitation of the ravages of abuse.

We donated R138 000 towards running their facilities.

Wheelchair South Africa

Contributed R100 000

“A big thank you to Grand Gaming Gauteng for the generous contribution of R100 000 to support our community programmes in Gauteng. We are very grateful for the support and pledge our best efforts in continuing to make more stars", said Anthony Moruthane Wheelchair Tennis SA.


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